Coffee lovers all around the world have their own unique preferences on how they consume their coffee. As you take a cup of your NESCAFÉ Gold as a pick-me-up drink in the morning, you may either put in a creamer for a rich dairy taste. Or you might love to drink your coffee black – plain and simple, enjoying the raw coffee aroma just the way it is.

But do you know some ingredients that can level up the taste of your coffee? Here are five additions that you can include in your favourite drink to give them an exceptional taste.


If you’re a fan of adding sugar to your coffee, cinnamon may be an addition that’s perfectly suited to your taste. The blend of aroma from the roasted coffee and the spice notes from cinnamon gives you a perfect match to drink. Cinnamon also lends a natural and subtle sweetness and has a lower calorie content. Add a few pinches of cinnamon powder to your coffee, or stir it with a cinnamon stick. 

Nescafe MY


This addition may be peculiar to some, but think of how refreshing and decadent a peppermint chocolate dessert is. Similarly, you can add the same notes of freshness and zing with a touch of mint to your coffee. Crush a few mint leaves lightly and swirl them inside your morning cup to experience this magical combination. An easier option is to use a few drops of peppermint oil in your serving. 

Cocoa powder

Chocolate lovers may appreciate this inclusion because what else could be a better match than the taste of chocolate and coffee? Think of desserts like tiramisu or chocolate coffee cake. You can provide the same chocolate richness to your favourite drink, minus the abundance of calories. Just add a few tablespoons of cocoa powder to your black or white coffee, and you’re good to go. 


Salt does not only lend a richer taste to your coffee, but it’s also one way to remedy a coffee that you’ve done wrongly. Whether you have brewed bad coffee or included too many coffee crystals in your cup, using salt is an excellent way to cut down on the harsh bitterness in your drink. That way, you don’t need to waste time and more coffee to start all over again. 

Vanilla essence

A touch of the aromatic caramel scent of vanilla can also go perfectly well with your coffee. Along with salt, you can also add a few drops of vanilla extract to your regular cup of joe for an upgrade. A better alternative is to use authentic vanilla extract rather than the artificial, processed ones used in baking. Natural essences are always a good match with your drink – other alternatives you can try include hazelnut or almond essences. 

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About IKEA

Hailing from your community of Älmhult, Sweden, IKEA is now one of many world’s finest-known house furnishing manufacturers. IKEA’s organization objective would be to give cost-effective and efficient house furnishing for anyone by including the idea of ‘democratic lampu meja design’ into its products. The emblem was accorded the excellent Layout accolade in 2018 because of its innovative merchandise.

New Services and Bestsellers from IKEA

Enjoy the Chinese New Calendar year with IKEA’s latest SOLGLIMTAR Constrained Selection! The product range contains decoratives and eating cutleries that contributes a bit of festivity to the home. Discover various style tips and styles on IKEA Collection in your living areas with efficient yet portable pieces, for example, the KARLSTAD 2-seat settee and GLADOM holder dinner table.

Decorate Your Places With IKEA

A sufficient living area is critical for private wellness. Create suitable living spaces with IKEA’s wide range of home furniture and family extras. You may enhance your bathroom into a residence spa with durable storage, lush towels and shower packages, or create your bedroom a high-end collection with IKEA’s comfortable beds and lightings for any good night’s rest.


Acquire Creativity From IKEA Tips

Get inspired by IKEA Tips on how to different large places into little efficient spots with IKEA’s curtains and window shades, or discover ways to switch the climate with a combination of furnishings items and mess around with colours. Make use of and then make complete utilization of the many places at home with IKEA furnishings and extras.

Require Preparation Assist? Get In Touch With IKEA Assistance

IKEA Malaysia provides online preparation services for METOD home, PAX wardrobes and BESTA storing remedies. Based on your preferences, IKEA’s style professionals advocate various clothing collection storage places and television screen choices. Should you wish to look for a specialist assessment, email your chosen IKEA stores to find out more.

Appreciate Staple And Joyful Meals From IKEA

Usher in the new season of the Lunar Work schedule with joyful special deals from IKEA Restaurant! IKEA’s CNY food list delivers mandarin orange-themed sweets and main programs and wonderful goodies like citrus drinks and dark chocolate orange dessert. Also, you can try out timeless basics such as the Swedish meatballs and chicken breast wings for something more savoury.

Program A Visit To IKEA Malaysia Nowadays

Go to IKEA shops at Damansara, Cheras, Tebrau and Batu Kawan or order online from home. Obtain the IKEA application to learn more about the most up-to-date products, promotions, in-retail store situations and have items shipped to your home. Look at the website for community shops operating hours before preparing you’re paying a visit as our surgical procedures change according to wellness guidelines.

Choose IKEA For All Your Furnishing Needs

Globally renowned for their inexpensive and useful property furnishing items, IKEA maintains a fuss-totally free, progressive procedure for its surgical procedures and designs. IKEA has continually offered top-quality lampu meja products and services for consumers around the globe. Buyers can store at IKEA anytime and everywhere, with in-store and web-based.

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