Nostalgic Childhood Memories That Malaysians Remember

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From drinking MILO® in little cups at school to set up a tent in your house, we all have our favourite childhood nostalgia that we’d like to relive. It’s nice to look back at the joyous and carefree moments we had as a child, especially when we grew up in our beloved country Malaysia.

Here are some of our favourite childhood memories that many Malaysians can identify with. Which of these is what you miss the most?

Traditional Games In Classrooms

It’s nearing the end of the school year, and the final exams are over. You are finishing the remaining days of school before the break starts just to see your classmates. Since the syllabuses are covered, your teacher lets you fill the time with useful activities, and what better ways to spend it than playing traditional games with your friends?

One of the popular choices is five stones or Batu Seremban, a game that is akin to jacks, where you take turns tossing tiny fabric sacks filled with rice or beans into the air. In addition, steel bottle caps are collected so you can challenge your friend for a battle of ceper, where one shoots a bottle cap to another to gain points. 

These simple games conjure memories of happiness, reminding us of the sweet anticipation of the school holidays coming near.

Milo MY

Camping Indoors at Home

What do we do if we want to have our own wilderness adventure in our own bedrooms? Well, this is when we learnt to be creative by setting up our own campsite indoors with a little help from our older siblings or our parents.

Some of us had set up an actual tent indoors, asking our brothers or sisters to tag along. We made them stay up with us, took turns to take watch, just in case a wild tiger was lurking in the dark. If there were no tents, we used clothing lines and mosquito nets to take shelter. 

The MILO® Truck

Everyone loves the MILO® truck at school. Many said that the MILO® you drink in the little cups taste more delicious, with a more concentrated chocolate taste. This is why the memory of a MILO® truck coming to school to treat everyone with a cup is such a fond one.

We all had MILO® made for us for breakfasts, because a cup could boost our energy so we could focus throughout the school day. But there’s something incomparable about queuing up with your friends and taking the drink in a tiny cup for yourself. We also have that one friend who’d sneak up in the line to have another cup again!

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